– Part 1 – How to use the SaaS Platform for EBM Subscribers in Rwanda

Systems Integration


1. What’s and what’s it for is the commercial name of our Group’s latest SaaS platform dedicated to improve how Financial data is automatically processed in Africa.


We help you as Financial professionals to quickly perform the EBM SALES tax declaration, going from weeks of costly human processing down to affordable seconds of computer processing!


The platform can be accessed here for early-adopters for free – until December 2019, and only in Rwanda where we focus on 1 type of clients – the EBM Subscribers.


Here’s the simple way to compute your SALES declaration to Rwanda Revenue Authority


2. Process


The process is made of 4 simple steps


2.1. Head to



There, download your EBM file and save it on your computer. It should be named Annexe2_TIN_YYYY_MM.xls, where YYYY stands for year and MM for month;


2.2 Get to


Upload the previously saved file from the RRA website, using the UPLOAD button




You can change the uploaded file by clicking on CHANGE FILE or keep it as is for the next step





2.3. Generate your Files by clicking on the GENERATE TAX FILES button



2.4. Download your SALES Declaration Files by clicking on the corresponding DOWNLOAD buttons





As usual, when you’ve both of your files required by the Rwanda Revenue Authority, you’re not done yet as you still need to declare the taxes for your client/s.




We’re a Technology company and don’t replace you as a Certified Accountant/ Tax Advisor/ Financial consultant or other related professionals in charge of Tax Declaration for your client/s.


Remember that as a professional in charge, it’s your duty to check and certify your client/s’ SALES Declaration to Rwanda Revenue Authority. And of course, we advise you to involve them from the beginning of the process.

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Written by Janvier Regis

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Marc Toussaint
Marc Toussaint
March 13, 2020 11:48 am

Thanks Gentleman! – Part 1 – How to use the SaaS Platform for EBM Subscribers in Rwanda

by Janvier Regis time to read: 1 min
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